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List of Recordings of Lectures and Exercises on YouTube

Posted on 2020-01-28 01:05 by Timo Bingmann at Permlink with 0 Comments. Tags: university

This post features a list of videos on Youtube of lectures and exercises which I have given at the KIT. The recordings are all in German and were produced semi-automatically by the Center for Media-Learning (Zentrum für Mediales Lernen) at the KIT.

I have listed various entry time points for topics in the lectures for an easier overview. These entry points are only to those parts of the lectures or exercises which I personally presented. The lecture series are mainly presented by Prof Peter Sanders and exercises were jointly given with colleagues.

The main purpose of this article is that I can never seem to find the lectures on Youtube when I am looking for them. And I can now point people to this post if I want to reference some video explanation on a topic I previously gave.

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