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About Timo Bingmann (Myself)

General Basic Data

E-Mail:tb a-with-circle
Location: San José, United States of America, Earth
Previous Location: Karlsruhe, Germany, Earth
PGP Public Key: download the key and verify the fingerprint: 5051 1C7B 67B5 604B BD0C BC4C 6845 2A03 6075 C337

Current Work

Timo Bingmann is currently working as a Senior Member of the Technical Staff at eBay Inc in San José, California, USA.

Academic Education and Research

Before moving of the United States, Timo Bingmann was a PostDoc in Prof. Peter Sanders' Group at the Institute of Theoretical Informatics, Algorithmics, which is part of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. He received a Dr. rer. nat. from KIT in 2018 for his dissertation on "Scalable String and Suffix Sorting". Previously, he received a Diploma degree in Computer Science (Dipl. Inform.) from the same university in 2010, and a second Diploma degree in Mathematics (Dipl. Math.) from the FernUniversity in Hagen in 2016.

His past research interests were:

Beyond these academic research goals, he also regularly published high-quality open-source programs like The Sound of Sorting, malloc_count, pmbw, and many more. Most of his programs are available via GitHub GitHub.

More information about his professional profile are available on Linked-in Linked-in.