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STX Expression Parser - (Formerly-Online) CSV Data Filter

This page used to be an online CGI demo of the csvtool example found in the STX Expression Parser source distribution. Due to changes in the website in 2012, the online processing has been replaced with pre-generated HTML files. Nevertheless, many CSV data file are still available for downloading. These are formatted to be directly usable with the included csvtool program. The full list can be seen below, it includes only publicly available data.

Each CSV file has a list of column headers. The csvtool can sort the datasets on-the-fly by each available column. The expression parser can be activated by entering a string into the top form. The expression is evaluated for each row of the dataset. Within the expression, the current rows data can be accessed using variables named by the column headers.

There are two methods to use the expression parser. If the expression evaluates to a boolean value, this value determines whether the row gets prints. Thus the expression is used as a data filter. If, however, the expression yields a non-boolean type, then a column "EvalResult" is appended to the CSV dataset. In this column the evaluation results are outputted. It is then possible to sort by the result values.

The following links show some example queries on different CSV data sets. Before viewing these examples it is best to view the original dataset first.

Available CSV Datasets

    Rows Download
CIA World Factbook The CIA's large public information dataset containing many key statistics on the countries of the world. Downloaded from, then extracted some data into a SQL table and exported as CSV. Last updated 2007-06-19 258 31 KiB Open database of cities and zip codes of the german speaking area in Europe: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and Liechtenstein 21084 1.8 MiB
Countries of the World Taken from MySQL's world sample database (its a bit out-of-date). Originally taken from Statistics Finland: World in Figures 239 32 KiB
Largest Cities of the World Also taken from MySQL's world sample database, less out-of-date. 4079 144 KiB
ISO-3166 ISO Standard 3166 defines three-part geographic codes for names of countries, dependent areas and principal subdevisions thereof. This is a partial listing of its entries. 3995 132 KiB
Cities with population > 15000 Imported from Removed a few columns to make the tables more readable. 20810 1.8 MiB
Cities with population > 5000 Also imported from 41557 3.7 MiB
Cities with population > 1000 Also imported from 83873 7.6 MiB
Cities in China Also imported from - Country code CN - China 96715 7.0 MiB
Cities in Germany Also imported from - Country code DE - Germany 78337 5.9 MiB
Cities in Russia Also imported from - Country code RU - Russia 157243 11.7 MiB
Cities in United States Also imported from - Country code US - United States 174719 18.6 MiB