panthema / 2016 / uegame

A (Unique) Exchange Game on Bispanning Graphs

With this Java Applet you can play the (unique) exchange game on a bispanning graph, which was the topic of my diploma thesis. You can also launch the applet with Java WebStart: , which will appear as a larger window outside the browser. The source code of the Java Applet is available on github or in a local zip archive. If you do not have Java installed, please refer to these instruction.


In the game, you play Alice's role and want to flip all edge colors of the graph. Bob will try to prevent you from doing this. Bob is played by the computer. Try to achieve it in the minimum number of moves necessary. Once you found solutions to simple random graphs, try the "difficult" ones from the "named graph" menu.

If you want to make it easier to reach the minimum number of moves, try to restrict yourself to unique exchanges, which leave Bob no choice. To show unique exchanges as thicker edges, press right click and select "restrict to unique exchanges" in the options context menu.

Some tips on the Applet's user interface: