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First slide of the talk

Presentation "Thrill: High-Performance Algorithmic Distributed Batch Data Processing with C++" at IEEE Big Data 2016

Posted on 2016-12-06 16:00 by Timo Bingmann at Permlink with 0 Comments. Tags: talk thrill

Today, I gave a presentation of our paper "Thrill: High-Performance Algorithmic Distributed Batch Data Processing with C++" at the IEEE International Conference on Big Data 2016 in Washington D.C., USA. An extended technical report of our paper is also available on this website or on arXiv.

The slides of the presentation at the IEEE conference are available here:
slides-Thrill-High-Performance-Algorithmic-Distributed-Batch-Data-Processing-with-CPP-TalkAsGiven.pdf slides-Thrill-High-Performance-Algorithmic-Distributed-Batch-Data-Processing-with-CPP-TalkAsGiven.pdf.

Below a longer version of the slides is available for download:
slides-Thrill-High-Performance-Algorithmic-Distributed-Batch-Data-Processing-with-CPP.pdf slides-Thrill-High-Performance-Algorithmic-Distributed-Batch-Data-Processing-with-CPP.pdf.
These slides contain additional figures which are useful to understand the DIA operations in Thrill, along with many extra design slides omitted from shorter talks.

Download slides-Thrill-High-Performance-Algorithmic-Distributed-Batch-Data-Processing-with-CPP.pdf

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