panthema / 2014 / vncrec-rgb / vncrec-rgb-0.4 / ChangeLog (Download File)
2006-12-20 Karel Kulhavy <clock (at) twibright . com>

	* Replaced the cumbersome XPM output with yuv4mpeg2 video stream
	  to stdout, which can be easily used to encode almost any video
	  format quickly, including Theora
	* Changed the intellectually masturbatory README into instructions
	  meant for humans who actually want to use the software Right Here
	  And Right Now And Fast (TM).
	* Renamed to Twibright vncrec

2003-01-16  Yoshiki Hayashi <>

	* Version 0.2 released.

2003-01-16  Rob Abbott <>

	* README: Add description about new option -movie.

2001-06-09  Yoshiki Hayashi <>

	* Imakefile: Rename vncviewer sub directory to vncrec.
	* vncinstall: Remove non-existent files.