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Yet Another Release of digup 0.6.40 - A Digest Updating Tool

Posted on 2011-01-31 20:25 by Timo Bingmann at Permlink with 0 Comments. Tags: #c++ #utilities

This is yet another release entry of digup. This time, however, it is a major release with lots of new improvements and some old fixes:

  • Added new flags --modify-window=number to allow larger deltas in the modification time of files. This is a fixup for checking backups copied onto FAT filesystems, because these store the time stamp with a precision of only 2 seconds. Since this is a common operation, the shortcut -w/--windows will set the allowed modification window to 1.
  • Also added a new flag --exclude-marker=file, which makes the recursive file system walk skip all directories (and their sub-directories) containing a special marker file usually called .nobackup in other programs. This option is persistent and stored in the created digest file, so it must only be specified once and then in all subsequent runs the same directory marker is used to selectively skip over special directories.
  • Added a --restrict=pattern temporary exclusion flag. If specified, all paths containing the pattern as a substring are temporarily skipped. This allows one to quickly check a specific folder or file structure for modifications. Especially useful in combination with -c to perform a full digest check on only a subset of the files.
  • One more smaller fixup: using 64-bit file offsets on Window, which allows files larger than 2GB to work correctly.

For more information and the new version see the digup web page.

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