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Diplomarbeit (Diploma Thesis) ns-3 Wifi Enhancements


This url contains code, documents and other results produced during the work on my diploma thesis in computer science. The thesis itself is finished and available on this page. It contains much information about ns-3 and simulation of wireless networking. Below is more an archive of more technical results.

Simulation Code and Documentation

In my thesis I developed propagation loss models, reception models and various experiments to verify these. Below are two full tarballs of ns-3 (at that time almost reaching version 3.7) including all my changes and experiments.

ns-3-wifiex.tar.bz2 (33 MB) Contains all changesets that I regarded as "production" quality, which means that are usable and verified. See the list of changesets / patches against ns-3-dev contained in this tarball. This tarball also contains the regression test files with modification due to included changesets.
ns-3-tests.tar.bz2 (21 MB) Contains more experimental changesets than wifiex. It furthermore contains all code of the experiments including result plots. See the list of changesets / patches against ns-3-dev contained in this tarball.

Furthermore, I packed up all PDF and doxygen documentation for ns-3 for easier reference. This documentation also contains my changes.

ns-3-test-doxygen-html.tar.bz2 (55 MB) Fully generated doxygen of ns-3-tests.
ns-3-dev-manual.pdf (913 KB)
ns-3-dev-tutorial.pdf (415 KB)
Manual and tutorial PDFs generated for ns-3-dev at that time. These are the original of that time, without custom changes.

Simulation Results

Below are listed some of result plots of different experiments. They are featured here without explanation, see my thesis text for more information.

main-propagation-loss.pdf Plots of all propagation loss models in ns-3-tests.
main-random-variables.pdf Plots of all random variable generators in ns-3-tests.
wifi-reception-range.pdf Lots of plots showing reception probability of two nodes separated by given distance under various propagation loss models, reception criteria (WifiPhys) and transmission modes.
Plots of capture experiment three-nodes-capture, one with deterministic reception and one with probabilistic propagation.
ns-2-three-nodes-capture.pdf Plots of equivalent capture experiment three-nodes-capture in ns-2.