panthema / 2009 / digup / digup-0.6.50 / ChangeLog (Download File)
2011-01-30 19:05  Timo Bingmann

	* src/digup.c: Adding shortcut option -w, --windows for --modify-window=1 as needed to check files on FAT filesystems.
	* src/digup.c: New feature: --restrict=substring to temporarily ignore all files not matching the substring. Required a new fileinfo state FS_SKIPPED and appropriate commands.

2011-01-13 17:11  Timo Bingmann

	* src/digup.c: Fixing problems with 64-bit file sizes on win32 under (mingw32): using _stat64 on mingw now.
	* src/digup.c: Simple variable rename node -> digestiter for clarity.

2011-01-13 17:04  Timo Bingmann

	* src/digup.c: Adding check in digest_file to verify that the
	complete file was read.

2011-01-13 17:01  Timo Bingmann

	* src/digup.c: Using intptr_t in rbtree tests to fix warnings
	about pointer conversion on 64-bit systems.

2010-11-29 18:05  Timo Bingmann

	* src/digup.c: Adding new flags --modify-window inspired by rsync:
	allow modification time deltas larger than zero e.g. for backuping
	on FAT filesystems.
	* src/digup.c: Adding new option --exclude-marker=file. If file is
	found in a directory during the recursive scan, the directory
	itself and all subdirectories are skipped.

2010-10-03 11:28  Timo Bingmann

	* src/digup.c: Applying contributed patch which fixes segfault on
	amd64 due to va_start(), va_end() use pattern.

2010-08-20 10:49  Timo Bingmann

	* src/digup.c: Fixed string allocation bug causing a segfault when
	using -t followed by -f parameters.

2010-03-20 14:27  Timo Bingmann

	* src/digup.c: Changing size variable from ssize_t to long long to
	enable support for large files.

2009-11-10 14:57  Timo Bingmann

	* Initial release of 0.6.23