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Drawing from The Last Evolution short story

My First LibriVox Recording: "The Last Evolution" by John W. Campbell, Jr.

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After two weeks of hard work, my first LibriVox recording is finally finished! The basic idea behind LibriVox is to read public domain texts and to put the recordings back into the public domain. More about that on

My personal motivation behind recording, besides a lasting inclination towards fantasy and science fictions texts, is to practice my rusty English pronunciation. By reading and rereading the texts I believe my English will get more fluent and in the end also achieve better articulation.

The first recording is "The Last Evolution" by John W. Campbell, Jr. a science fiction short story available from Project Gutenberg. I have also made a quick LaTeX typesetted version of the Gutenberg etext for more comfortable reading and with slight corrections: lastevolution_campbell_text.pdf (153 KB).

Story Summary / Teaser

A future Earth population is unexpectedly attacked by powerful extraterrestrial Outsiders. However, the highly developed civilization of humans and machines quickly builds up forces and defends itself. This desperate, life threatening struggle against the invading aliens leads to The Last Evolution.

Audio Recording - Runtime: 58:42

MP3 encoded with standard lame VBR preset (obviously better than CBR)

lastevolution_campbell_tb_vbr.mp3 (42.7 MB)

If someone drops me a line with a good reason for uploading 250 MB, then I can also provide a lossless 24-bit FLAC file. Just burning a CD is not a good enough reason.

The recording is now also available on in the LibriVox Short Science Fiction Collection 026.

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