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Appendix: __cxa_demangle Documentation

From the libstdc++ documentation (abi Namespace Reference):

char* abi::__cxa_demangle(const char* mangled_name,
                          char* output_buffer, size_t* length,
                          int* status)
A NUL-terminated character string containing the name to be demangled.
A region of memory, allocated with malloc, of *length bytes, into which the demangled name is stored. If output_buffer is not long enough, it is expanded using realloc. output_buffer may instead be NULL; in that case, the demangled name is placed in a region of memory allocated with malloc.
If length is non-NULL, the length of the buffer containing the demangled name is placed in *length.
*status is set to one of the following values:
  • 0: The demangling operation succeeded.
  • -1: A memory allocation failure occurred.
  • -2: mangled_name is not a valid name under the C++ ABI mangling rules.
  • -3: One of the arguments is invalid.
A pointer to the start of the NUL-terminated demangled name, or NULL if the demangling fails. The caller is responsible for deallocating this memory using free.
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