panthema / 2007 / flex-bison-cpp-example / flex-bison-cpp-example-0.1.2 / ChangeLog (Download File)
2008-08-03	Timo Bingmann
	* scanner.ll, Fixing compilation problem which was
	reported to happen when no %union directive is used: in this case
	the include headers order is changed around by bison and breaks
	compilation. This was fixed by never including parser.h directly,
	but always using scanner.h.

	* FlexLexer.h: updated file to work with new flex version
	2.5.35. The new version adds a virtual function yywrap() to the
	yyFlexLexer class. This function is automatically defined in any
	lexer source file generated by flex. However because I copied
	FlexLexer.h from an older flex distribution, the function
	definition throughs a "no member function" compiler error.