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HMTG Web Page Redesign

Posted on 2007-04-14 20:24 by Timo Bingmann at Permlink with 0 Comments. Tags: webdesign hartmetall

Finished redesigning the web site and e-catalog of the Hartmetall-Gesellschaft. This is actually the fifth version of the homepage. It is now based on Template::Toolkit technology with the old PostgreSQL database back-end. The style was adapted to todays modern web designs.

On this occasion I have collected and organized versions of older home pages. They show a stream of development which the page has taken:

Homepage published 2007-04-14
Screenshot of the new webpage published on 2007-04-14

Webpage published 2004-11-16
Webpage published 2004-11-16. The source base was recoded into perl and served using the excellent mod_perl apache module.

Webpage published around 2000
Webpage published around 2000. The dynamic pages were coded using PHP 3.x and later renewed using PHP 4.0. Different database back-ends like MySQL and PostgreSQL where used.

Webpage published on 1997-04-02
Webpage published on 1997-04-02. At that time PHP/FI 2.0 was just being developed. Instead of a script language, the webpage was a set of custom-coded C++ CGI programs based on nothing but the CGI/1.1 interface. The CGI programs implemented a very crude template language, which allow multilingual html-like page files. Today this might be smiled upon, but at that time it was bleeding-edge technology.

Webpage published before 1997
Webpage published before 1997. It was a bare-bones frame-based layout. Sadly, I could not find the original 10 year old HTML pages.

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