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sdlfractal by Timo Bingmann

This is a port of a simple little fractal generator which I wrote some five
years ago. It is not supposed to replace wonderful tools like xfractint so it
is very simple and not very fast. The main goal of this project was to learn
SDL and it turned out that fltk was also required. The main construction is an
SDL surface extended by a canvas class which simulates a high-resolution
coordinate system. On this coordinate system the fractals can be drawn.

To control fractal parameters the generator displays a second window using the
fltk engine. From this dialog the currently displayed fractal and it's
parameters can be changed. This requires a dual engine event loop in the

The fractal generator can also save high-resolution PNG files.

Installation Windows

The sdlfractal.exe should run out of the box.


To compile sdlfractal you must have SDL, fltk and libpng installed and their
xxx-config scripts in the search path. It is also possible to pass their
location manually to the configure scripts.

Extract the sources:

tar xvjf sdlfractal-0.1.tar.bz2

And then run:


Run the fractal maker using: