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Presented Practical Work for SDI (System Design and Implementation)

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Today was the final demo presentation day for the practical course SDI (System Design and Implementation) at the Systems Architecture Group of the University of Karlsruhe. Goal of the course was to implement a simple operating system on top of the L4 microkernel, which is developed at the Group.


Our practical course group was one of the two groups to demonstrate a working system on the last day of the semester. The presented operating system contained following basic components:

  • An initial root task,
  • a pager (memory server and task server combined) creating virtual address spaces,
  • a root name server for servers to register their facilities,
  • a minix file system server which extends the name space to files,
  • a (virtual) console server reading keyboard input and writing to the screen buffer,
  • and a limited shell with two utility programs: ls and cat.

Furthermore we utilized the VMWare video "card" to enable graphics output. The "hardware" is well documented in the source code to the X11 video driver contributed by VMWare.

The frame buffer and keyboard input was linked up to a ported SDL implementation. After adding a lot of POSIX library function calls like fopen, opendir and getenv, it was possible to compile our favourite games: SDLjump and SuperTux. Both run very well on our operating system from scratch project.

Some screenshots of the shell, sdijump and supertux are available. In future the whole source code and compiled binary images may become available

A big thank you to my friends Matthias Braun, Torsten Geiger and Andreas Mähler, who made this practical work possible and especially fun!

The following screenshots are taken of our SDIOS running unter VMWare player.

Screenshot 1
L4 kernel bootup and grub boot loader,
which transfers our binarys into the VMWare RAM.
Screenshot 2
Our shell's welcome motd.
Screenshot 3
ls listing of the SDIOS's root catalog.
Screenshot 4
ls directory listing of the minixfs containing the games' image files.
Screenshot 5
SDIJump's welcome screen.
Screenshot 6
Playing the game works well!
Screenshot 7
SuperTux is a very fun game!

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