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Gravatar SAF0001:

Hi again, you sad your certs are expensive, maybe users can donate, or bye license of new version?:) Realy, program is very cool and users really need it.

Gravatar SAF0001:

Hi, 89/5000
Just I want to tell you thank you for your program CryptoTE, and wish all the best :)

Gravatar ismail:

Hello, i hope you release new versions. its a nifty software.

Gravatar Timo:

I also still love CryptoTE, the problem with releases is that the Windows binaries must be signed, and certs are expensive. The github repo has a few further commits.

Gravatar Alex:

Love CryptoTE. are you planning to release a new version?

Gravatar Timo:

@John: No, CryptoTE has no temporary files lying around. I hope to add in-memory locking someday.
@Jean: Well, these days I could get a Mac, but am currently too wrapped up in other projects. That how life is.

Gravatar John Bib:

Does CryptoTE leave any clear-text work files lying around? I'm trying it out on W98 and Lubuntu.

Gravatar Jean:

Wondering: Did you ever get a hold of a mac and have you made a version that would also be portable for the mac? Thanks.
jean (a) lalabobo dot net

Gravatar Tony:

Fantastic program.This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank You!

Gravatar Timo:

ASmith, CryptoTE is a text editor for personal notes, not a transparent chat encryption. There are enough programs to encrypt chats on systems like ICQ (Pidgin Encryption) or EMail (PGP/GPG). In the news there was even something about a fully encrypted chat protocol. There is really no need for a "Facebook Encryption". Timo

Gravatar ASmith:

Need to add the ability to copy/paste the encrypted text into a forum msg or email body directly, can't use a embedded file in such a case. Please add that capability. I've been a solid booster and pushing out ton's of links to potential users of CryptoTE across Social Media and Linux Forums. Now we need that feature for copy/paste secure notes, posts without embedding any .etc file. Thanks.

Gravatar Timo:

JuuTuupi, CryptoTE is a text editor and not a general purpose encryption program. PHP/GPG does just what you need. Timo

Gravatar JuuTuupi:

I'm trying to find an easy way to send encrypted e-mails. It would be nice if the program would have some kind of an one click option to send the file(s) via an e-mail.

Gravatar Timo:

That is probably a good idea. It wasn't included, because I wanted to avoid a .ini file, but that is now created anyway.

Gravatar NameGreg Cotton:

Great program! Please consider for a future version the option for CryptoTE to remember its size and place on screen. Thanks

Gravatar Holger:

A very interesting piece of software. Thank you. Are you planning an Android version? Since the various platforms share more and more data with each other, that would be for the use of cloud-based services extremely important and helpful.

Gravatar Alex:

I love your CryptoTE but I hate Courier font. How can I change editors font in Windows 7?

Gravatar Timo:

Hi JeIda, I also have an Android phone and got the same problem you have. I also took a short look and saw that the Java API contains all the necessary cryptography functions for CryptoTE. When I find some free time I'll give an Android version a shot.

Gravatar JeIda:

Have you considered a version for Android? Perhaps a simplified version. So that I can share passwords between my PC and Xpad?

Gravatar Ralf K.:

I love your cryptoTE and use it really every day. So helpful, this is the best text encryption tool and beside a very handy tool available. Thank you very much...

Gravatar Timo:

No real improvements are planned. Except maybe support for MacOSX, once I get my hands on a Mac. Other than that CryptoTE will just stay as it is, unless some OS changes require updates. CryptoTE will always be updated if it does not work.

Gravatar jimmylinux1:

fantastic program You have save me so much time. I work with linux and windows many hours a day. I would like to know of any improvements you may have in the future. thank you Sir

Gravatar Name:

today is my birthday

Gravatar David:

Love your CryptoTE. Easy and intuitive to use. It is just what I was looking for.
Thank you Timo

CryptoTE - Main Page


CryptoTE is a text editor with integrated strong cryptography. It is based on the popular Scintilla widget and automatically stores text data in secure encrypted container files. Compared to other "password keeper" programs, CryptoTE does not force any structure upon your data: it works with plain ASCII text and does not require you to fill in grids, key-value attributes, descriptions etc. Encryption is transparently performed using the highly-secure Serpent cipher. The editing interface is thoroughly optimized for speed and ease of use. Multiple subfiles, Quick-Find and a two-click random password generator make daily use very convenient.



Updated stand-alone binary archive with partially static Linux binary. Only X11 libraries are dynamically linked.


CryptoTE 0.5.390 (current) released 2009-08-02
Windows 2000/NT/XP/Vista/7 Download

Windows 2000/NT/XP/Vista/7 (Unicode Build)

Installer for Desktops
CryptoTE-0.5.390-Win32.exe (2.1 MB)

Windows 95/98/Me Download

Windows 95/98/Me (ANSI Build)

Installer for Desktops
CryptoTE-0.5.390-Win32-Ansi.exe (2.1 MB)

Download Standalone USB-Stick Programs for Windows and Linux

Stand-Alone Win32 and Linux Executables for USB-Sticks (7.6 MB)

Source Code: cryptote-0.5.390.tar.bz2 cryptote-0.5.390.tar.bz2 (1.73 MiB) - Browse online

The source code is released under the GNU General Public License v2 (GPL). Some parts of the source tarball is copyright of different authors.

All sources and packages are available in the git repository via git clone

Build status of development branch: Build Status

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to commonly asked high-level questions are published on an extra FAQ page. Please consult it and the documentation before writing me or posting a bug.


Questions about cryptography and how it is used in CryptoTE are answered in the online help documentation, which is also included in CryptoTE and is available as PDF for printing. The documentation contains a short discussion about encryption, passwords and how you can protect for data. Advice on choosing a good password is also given. A much more technical discussion of CryptoTE's features such as the cryptography cipher is also given in the help document.

The thoroughly technical container file format v1.0 specification is also available for review by interested fellow developers.


A tutorial screencast showing how CryptoTE looks and how basic editing works is available for viewing online.

Thumbnail of Tutorial Screencast


More screenshots are available on the extra screenshot page.

Screenshot of CryptoTE on Linux