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Small TikZ Drawing of a Pythagoras Tree

Small TikZ Drawing of a Pythagoras Tree

Posted on 2013-06-27 23:23 by Timo Bingmann at Permlink with 0 Comments. Tags: fun

This post just contains a simple TikZ/LaTeX program to construct a Pythagoras tree. I wrote it to figure out how to write recursive TikZ drawings. The rest is rather pretty.

Without further ado:

% Draw Pythagoras Trees using TikZ
% Author: Timo Bingmann <>, 2013-06-27


% recursively draw a Pythagoras Tree fractal
% \PythagorasTree{levels}{angle}
    % randomly pick a color, prefer green and blue shades

    % draw the rectangle of this level
    \draw[draw=MyColor] (0,0) rectangle (1,1);

    % decrement level counter

    % transform scope for left branch: move origin (1cm,0cm), rotate and scale
    % with the length of the left cathetus.

    % now for the tricks: transform scope for right branch: move origin to the
    % top point of the triangle, rotate reverse and scale with length of right
    % cathetus.
      yshift={1cm * (1 + sin(#2)*cos(#2))},
      xshift={1cm * (cos(#2)*cos(#2))},



% draw just a single Pythagoras Tree
  % recursively draw tree

% macro to draw and annotate a Pythagoras Tree
  % minipage to keep things together
    \textbf{Pythagoras Tree, order #1, angle #2:}

        % recursively draw tree
        #3 % add some extra tikz code


% draw some more trees with different parameters

% draw animated growing Pythagoras Tree
  The following frame is an animated growing Pythagoras Tree, properly
  viewable with Adobe Acrobat or other advanced PDF viewers:

      \MakeTree{\i}{40}{\useasboundingbox (-3,0) rectangle (3.5,4.5);}


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