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Parse tree node representing a function place-holder. More...

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Public Types

typedef std::vector< const
class ParseNode * > 
 Type of sequence of subtrees to evaluate as function parameters.

Public Member Functions

 PNFunction (std::string _funcname, const paramlist_type &_paramlist)
 Constructor from the string received from the parser.
 ~PNFunction ()
 Delete the paramlist.
virtual AnyScalar evaluate (const class SymbolTable &st) const
 Check the given symbol table for the actual value of this variable.
virtual bool evaluate_const (AnyScalar *) const
 Returns false, because value isn't constant.
virtual std::string toString () const
 Nothing but the function and its parameters.

Private Attributes

std::string funcname
 String name of the function.
paramlist_type paramlist
 The array of function parameter subtrees.

Detailed Description

Parse tree node representing a function place-holder.

It is filled when parameterized by a symbol table.

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