panthema / 2012 / 1119-eSAIS-Inducing-Suffix-and-LCP-Arrays-in-External-Memory / eSAIS-DC3-LCP-0.5.0 / stxxl / doc / tutorial / Makefile (Download File)
all: tutorial

tutorial: tutorial.pdf

# try to use rules from (from latex-utils package)

ifeq (,$(LU_UTILS))
# if is not available, fallback to our own rules

tutorial.pdf: tutorial.tex tutorial.bib
	pdflatex tutorial
	bibtex tutorial
	pdflatex tutorial
	pdflatex tutorial

	rm -rf *.bbl *.aux *~ *.dvi *.log *.toc *.blg *.idx

distclean: clean
	$(RM) tutorial.pdf

.PHONY: clean


	ispell -d american tutorial.tex

.PHONY: all tutorial spell
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