stx::Grammar::PNConstant Class Reference

Constant value nodes of the parse tree. More...

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Public Member Functions

 PNConstant (AnyScalar::attrtype_t type, std::string strvalue)
 Assignment from the string received from the parser.
 PNConstant (const AnyScalar &_value)
 constructor for folded constant values.
virtual AnyScalar evaluate (const class SymbolTable &) const
 Easiest evaluation: return the constant.
virtual bool evaluate_const (AnyScalar *dest) const
 Returns true, because value is constant.
virtual std::string toString () const
 String representation of the constant AnyScalar value.

Private Attributes

AnyScalar value
 The constant parsed value.

Detailed Description

Constant value nodes of the parse tree.

This class holds any of the three constant types in the enclosed AnyScalar object.

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