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Define the example::location class. More...

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class  example::location
 Abstract a location. More...


namespace  example
 The example namespace is used to encapsulate the three parser classes example::Parser, example::Scanner and example::Driver.


const location example::operator+ (const location &begin, const location &end)
 Join two location objects to create a location.
const location example::operator+ (const location &begin, unsigned int width)
 Add two location objects.
location & example::operator+= (location &res, unsigned int width)
 Add and assign a location.
bool example::operator== (const location &loc1, const location &loc2)
 Compare two location objects.
bool example::operator!= (const location &loc1, const location &loc2)
 Compare two location objects.
std::ostream & example::operator<< (std::ostream &ostr, const location &loc)
 Intercept output stream redirection.

Detailed Description

Define the example::location class.

Definition in file location.hh.

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