Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
CalcContextCalculator context used to save the parsed expressions
CalcNodeCalcNode is the abstract base class for calculation nodes
CNAddCalculation node adding two operand nodes
CNConstantCalculation node always returning a constant value
CNDivideCalculation node dividing two operand nodes
CNModuloCalculation node calculating the remainder of an integer division of two operand nodes
CNMultiplyCalculation node multiplying two operand nodes
CNNegateCalculation node negating the value of the operand subtree
CNPowerCalculation node raising one operand to the power of the second
CNSubtractCalculation node subtracting two operand nodes
example::DriverBrings together all components
example::locationAbstract a location
example::ParserA Bison parser
example::positionAbstract a position
example::ScannerScanner is a derived class to add some extra function to the scanner class
example::Parser::semantic_typeSymbol semantic values
example::slice< T, S >Present a slice of the top of a stack
example::stack< T, S >

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