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                   Keys used for navigating through HelpPC

       Esc     Exit current screen or HelpPC
       End     Moves text or menu to the last line/item
       Home    Moves text or menu to the first line/item
       PgUp    Moves text or menu to page top or previous page
       PgDn    Moves text or menu to page bottom or next page
       F1      Switches from menu to prompting mode and vice versa
       Alt-P   Write current topic to printer
       Alt-W   Write topic to file HelpPC.DAT in the current directory
       Alt-X   Exit HelpPC and without clearing current screen
       TAB     Go to next subtopic link
       BackTab Go to previous subtopic link
       Enter   Jump to highlighted subtopic link

                                 Using HelpPC

       HelpPC has two modes of operation.  The first is the Prompted
       Mode where you specify the topic on the command line and HelpPC
       prompts you for topics until you exit.   The second is the Menu
       Mode which as its name implies is menu driven.  To use the Menu
       Mode just omit the topic from the command line.  You may switch
       between Menu mode and Prompted Mode with the F1 key.

                        Examples of Command Line Usage

       For information about:          Use the following topics:

       Installation:                   HelpPC install
       Creating help files:            HelpPC HelpPC format
       Interrupts:                     HelpPC int #
       example:                        HelpPC int 13
       Interrupt subfunction:          HelpPC int #,func
       example:                        HelpPC int 21,4E
       C function usage:               HelpPC function
       examples:                       HelpPC open
                                       HelpPC is...
                                       HelpPC str...
       Other topics:                   HelpPC interrupt table
       examples:                       HelpPC BIOS Data Area  (or BDA)
                                       HelpPC ANSI codes
                                       HelpPC bibliography

       All topics are case insensitive

             Trademarks of Vendors Mentioned in HelpPC Databases

       ∙ Compaq is a registered trademark of Compaq Computer Corporation
       ∙ CompuServe is a registered trademark of CompuServe Incorporated
       ∙ DESQview is a trademark of Quarterdeck Office Systems
       ∙ Epson is a registered trademark of Seiko Epson Corporation
       ∙ HP is a registered trademark of Hewlett-Packard Company
       ∙ IBM, PC/AT, PC-DOS, PC/XT and PS/2 are trademarks of International
         Business Machines Corporation
       ∙ Intel is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation
       ∙ LIM and EMS are trademarks of Lotus, Intel and Microsoft Corporations
       ∙ Maxtor is a trademark of Maxtor Corporation
       ∙ Microsoft is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation
       ∙ NEC is a registered trademark of NEC Electronics Incorported
       ∙ Tandy is a registered trademark of Tandy Corporation
       ∙ Turbo C is a registered trademark of Borland International Inc.
       ∙ Other brand and product names are trademarks or registered
         trademarks of their respective holders.

       - see   INSTALL   HELPPC FORMAT

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