HelpPC 2.10 Quick Reference Utility Copyright 1991 David Jurgens

                     INSTALL/SETUP - HELPPC Installation

       Installation requires two steps.  First, simply decompress the
       HelpPC archive file.  Second, issue the following command:

       SET HLP=d:dirname     (no blanks, except between "SET HLP")

       Where 'd:' is the drive and 'dirname' is the directory where
       the HelpPC.NDX and the .TXT files will reside (should be fully
       qualified, with or without the trailing backslash '\', see
       example below).  HelpPC.COM can exist anywhere it can be
       accessed through the DOS command search path (PATH).  The
       "SET HLP=" command should be placed in the AUTOEXEC.BAT file
       to allow easy access to the database each time your PC is
       rebooted.  It is recommended that HelpPC.COM be renamed to
       something quick and comfortable to use, like  H.COM or HELP.COM.

       As an example, if the files HelpPC.NDX and the .TXT files
       reside in a directory named  C:\HELPPC  then use:

       SET HLP=C:\HELPPC       or     SET HLP=C:\HELPPC\

Esc or Alt-X to exit install Home/PgUp/PgDn/End ←↑↓→
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