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                       INT 2F - DOS Multiplex Interrupt

       For more information see the following topics:

                                            ┌────── ERROR CODES ────
       INT 2F,0  Get installed state        │ 01    Invalid function
       INT 2F,1  Submit file                │ 02    File not found
       INT 2F,2  Cancel file                │ 03    Path not found
       INT 2F,3  Cancel all files           │ 04    Too many files
       INT 2F,4  Pause / return status      │ 05    Access denied
       INT 2F,5  End of status              │ 08    Queue full
       INT 2F,8  DRIVER.SYS support         │ 09    Busy
       INT 2F,2E Error Translation Tables   │ 0C    Name too long
                                            │ 0F    Invalid drive

       - function request is specified in AL or AH
       - see  INT 2F,0  for installation checks
       - INT 2F uses AL to specify most documented functions but occasionally
         uses AH also.  This can be quite confusing so INT 2F functions using
         AH are not currently listed if the conflict but will be added at a
         later time.

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