HelpPC 2.10 Quick Reference Utility Copyright 1991 David Jurgens

            INT 2F,8 - DRIVER.SYS Support      (Undocumented DOS 3.2+)

       AH = 08
       AL = 00  installation check
          = 01  add new block device
          = 02  execute device driver request
          = 03  get drive data table list (DOS 4.0+)
       DS:DI = pointer to drive data table  (AL=01)
       ES:BX = pointer to device driver request header (AL=02)

       on return:
       AL = 00  not installed, ok to install (AL=00)
          = 01  not installed, do NOT install (AL=00)
          = FF  installed (AL=00)
       ES:BX = updated device request header (AL=02)

       - function 01 scans DOS's drive data tables and appends the new
         data table to to the chain.  All tables referencing the same
         physical drive are updated

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