RTree.h File Reference

#include <assert.h>
#include <vector>
#include <stack>
#include <queue>
#include <algorithm>
#include <limits>
#include <fstream>
#include <iostream>
#include <ostream>
#include "GraphTypes.h"

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namespace  VGServer


class  VGServer::RTree
 the outer RTree class implementes a "template namespace" parameterized by the CoordType used in all the nested classes More...
struct  VGServer::RTree::LevelStats
 Data class used to collect information from one level the tree. More...
class  VGServer::RTree::Point
 a two dimensional point More...
class  VGServer::RTree::Rect
 a two dimensional rectangle class with sufficient caluclation methods More...
struct  VGServer::RTree::Stats
 Data class used to collect statistical information from the tree. More...
class  VGServer::RTree::Tree< _DataType, _DataTypeCallback >
 Tree is a class implementing an R*-Tree used to accelerate access to the edges during a getArea query. More...
class  VGServer::RTree::Tree< _DataType, _DataTypeCallback >::InnerNode
 structure used to access fields of an inner node page of the R-Tree More...
struct  VGServer::RTree::Tree< _DataType, _DataTypeCallback >::InnerNodeData
 data struct of the elements found in each inner node More...
class  VGServer::RTree::Tree< _DataType, _DataTypeCallback >::LeafNode
 structure used to access fields of a leaf node page of the R-Tree More...
class  VGServer::RTree::Tree< _DataType, _DataTypeCallback >::LeafNodeData
 data struct of the elements in the leaf nodes. it is based on the template parameter More...
class  VGServer::RTree::Tree< _DataType, _DataTypeCallback >::NNPQData
 class containing the data and ordering function of the nearest neighbor priority queue More...
class  VGServer::RTree::Tree< _DataType, _DataTypeCallback >::Node< _NodeData >
 node page augmented by a data type: either the childMBR + childPageId for InnerNodes or the childData for LeafNodes. More...
struct  VGServer::RTree::Tree< _DataType, _DataTypeCallback >::Node< _NodeData >::SplitDist
 data struct to order computed distributions More...
class  VGServer::RTree::Tree< _DataType, _DataTypeCallback >::NodeHead
 common data structures found at the beginning of each node page. More...
class  VGServer::RTree::Tree< _DataType, _DataTypeCallback >::PageManager
 poor man's page manager. used so that no pointers are saved in the R-Tree data More...
struct  VGServer::RTree::Tree< _DataType, _DataTypeCallback >::ReinsertDist
 data structed used to order children to reinsert More...


#define R_STAR_TREE


RTree::LevelStats VGServer::operator+ (const RTree::LevelStats &a, const RTree::LevelStats &b)
 add things up
std::ostream & VGServer::operator<< (std::ostream &o, const RTree::LevelStats &ls)
 print statistical stuff out

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#define R_STAR_TREE

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