VGServer Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
VGServer::AnyTypeAnyType is the class which encapsules the different possible attribute typed values
VGServer::AttributeBigBlobPolicyAttributeBigBlob is a AttributeBlob specialization for large attribute arrays which grow 1 MB at a time
VGServer::AttributeEdgeTinyBlobPolicyAttributeEdgeTinyblob is a TpAttributeBlob specialization for attribute blob containing values of just one edge object
VGServer::AttributeIdExceptionAttributeIdException is thrown by setVertexAttr and setEdgeAttr functions when supplied with an invalid attribute id
VGServer::AttributeParseExceptionAttributeParseException is an exception class thrown when the parser recognizes a syntax error
VGServer::AttributePropertiesAttributeProperties specifies the name, type and possibly more properties of an attribute
VGServer::AttributePropertiesListAttributePropertiesList is a container class derived from std::vector enclosing the list of attributes
VGServer::AttributeSelectorListAttributeSelectorList holds a vector of AttributeSelectors representing the array of return values of a selection query
VGServer::AttributeVertexTinyBlobPolicyAttributeVertexTinyblob is a TpAttributeBlob specialization for attribute blob containing values of just one vertex object
VGServer::ByteBufferByteBuffer is an inline utility class used by the graph server to enclose a continuous memory space and securely return it to the client
VGServer::ByteInBufferByteInBuffer is a cursor class to ByteBuffer implementing extraction functions used in the graph client parser to securely access the byte blob returned by the server
VGServer::ByteOutBufferByteOutBuffer is a cursor class to ByteBuffer implementing growing byte oriented memory buffer interface used in the graph server when constructing the client output
VGServer::ChangeFrameChangeFrame contains a list of changes made to the graph within one time slot
VGServer::ChangeFrame::ChangeEntryStruct used as entries in the sequence of changes
VGServer::ChangelistChangelist contains a set of flexible data structures used to save temporary changes to the graph, and possibly prepare the changes to be incorporated into the global graph
VGServer::ChangeTimelineChangeTimeline models the functions to manage two Changelist snapshots: one of the initial frame and one including all ChangeFrames merged to support queries for the final state
VGServer::ConversionExceptionConversionException is an exception class thrown by some combinations of get and set in AnyType
VGServer::DataLoadedExceptionThrown by GraphLoader if some invalid data is loaded
VGServer::EdgeRefEdgeRef is a read-only reference object holding indices into the GraphData structures
VGServer::FilterRootFilterRoot holds the root node of either an edge filter or a vertex filter
VGServer::GraphClientFaceGraphClientFace is a facade class for the client to strip down the functionality of GraphConnection
VGServer::GraphConnectionGraphConnection represents the context and link to exactly one client instance
VGServer::GraphContainerGraphContainer is the owner class of the global static graph information
VGServer::GraphContainer::RTreeDataStructure which contains the data for each rectangle in the leaves of the rtree
VGServer::GraphContainer::RTreeDataCallbackCallback context class used to get a MBR from a data object
VGServer::GraphDataGraphData contains the basic data structures representing the global static graph
VGServer::GraphData::EdgeAllocated millions of times in the adjacency array
VGServer::GraphData::VertexAllocated millions of times in the vertex array
VGServer::GraphExceptionGraphException is the base class for exceptions by some part of the server library
VGServer::GraphLoaderGraphLoader is a class which extends GraphData by load functions which accept vertex and edge data _in_ascending_order_ and write it into a global GraphData's structure
VGServer::GraphLoaderKFileGraphLoaderKFile is-a GraphLoader which will load .k map files
VGServer::GraphParser< Callback >GraphParser is a static polymorphic class used to parse the data streams returned by the server
VGServer::GraphParserCallbackAdapterA base callback class containing stubs to all the event functions which are called by the GraphParser
VGServer::GraphParserExceptionThrown by GraphParser when the data stream is invalid
VGServer::GraphPropertiesGraphProperties is a conglomerate of important unchangeable properties of the graph
VGServer::GraphServerGraphServer contains the main loop of a graph server which waits for a new connection
VGServer::OrderExceptionThrown by GraphLoader when the required loading order is violated
VGServer::ParseNodeParseNode is the abstract interface for filter or selection nodes constructed by the AttributeParser
VGServer::QueryLimitsThis struct contains the four limit parameters of getArea and getNearestNeighbor
VGServer::RTreeOuter RTree class implementes a "template namespace" parameterized by the CoordType used in all the nested classes
VGServer::RTree::LevelStatsData class used to collect information from one level the tree
VGServer::RTree::PointTwo dimensional point
VGServer::RTree::RectTwo dimensional rectangle class with sufficient caluclation methods
VGServer::RTree::StatsData class used to collect statistical information from the tree
VGServer::RTree::Tree< _DataType, _DataTypeCallback >Tree is a class implementing an R*-Tree used to accelerate access to the edges during a getArea query
VGServer::RTree::Tree< _DataType, _DataTypeCallback >::InnerNodeStructure used to access fields of an inner node page of the R-Tree
VGServer::RTree::Tree< _DataType, _DataTypeCallback >::InnerNodeDataData struct of the elements found in each inner node
VGServer::RTree::Tree< _DataType, _DataTypeCallback >::LeafNodeStructure used to access fields of a leaf node page of the R-Tree
VGServer::RTree::Tree< _DataType, _DataTypeCallback >::LeafNodeDataData struct of the elements in the leaf nodes. it is based on the template parameter
VGServer::RTree::Tree< _DataType, _DataTypeCallback >::NNPQDataClass containing the data and ordering function of the nearest neighbor priority queue
VGServer::RTree::Tree< _DataType, _DataTypeCallback >::Node< _NodeData >Node page augmented by a data type: either the childMBR + childPageId for InnerNodes or the childData for LeafNodes
VGServer::RTree::Tree< _DataType, _DataTypeCallback >::Node< _NodeData >::SplitDistData struct to order computed distributions
VGServer::RTree::Tree< _DataType, _DataTypeCallback >::NodeHeadCommon data structures found at the beginning of each node page
VGServer::RTree::Tree< _DataType, _DataTypeCallback >::PageManagerPoor man's page manager. used so that no pointers are saved in the R-Tree data
VGServer::RTree::Tree< _DataType, _DataTypeCallback >::ReinsertDistData structed used to order children to reinsert
VGServer::TpArray< Tp >TpArray is a more simple template array than std::vector
VGServer::TpAttributeBlob< AllocPolicy >TpAttributeBlob is the growing byte oriented memory buffer used in the graph server to store attribute values packed in a large array
VGServer::VertexRefVertexRef is a read-only reference object holding indices into the GraphData structures

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