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                    INT 67 - Expanded Memory Specification

       For more information, see the following topics:

       INT 67,40  Get EMM Status
       INT 67,41  Get Page Frame Base Address
       INT 67,42  Get Page Counts
       INT 67,43  Get Handle and Allocate Pages
       INT 67,44  Map Logical Page Into Physical Page Window
       INT 67,45  Release Handle and Memory Pages
       INT 67,46  Get EMM Version
       INT 67,47  Save Page Map Context
       INT 67,48  Restore Page Map Context
       INT 67,49  Get I/O Port Addresses
       INT 67,4A  Get Logical to Physical Page Mapping
       INT 67,4B  Get Handle Count
       INT 67,4C  Get Page Count for Handle
       INT 67,4D  Get Page Count for All Handles
       INT 67,4E  Get/Set Page Map Context
       INT 67,4F  Get/Set Partial Page Map
       INT 67,50  Map/Unmap Multiple Handle Pages
       INT 67,51  Reallocate Pages
       INT 67,52  Get/Set Handle Attributes
       INT 67,53  Get/Set Handle Name
       INT 67,54  Get Handle Directory
       INT 67,55  Alter Page Map and Jump
       INT 67,56  Alter Page Map and Call
       INT 67,57  Move/Exchange Memory Region
       INT 67,58  Get Mappable Physical Address Array
       INT 67,59  Get Expanded Memory Hardware Information
       INT 67,5A  Allocate Standard/Raw Pages
       INT 67,5B  Alternate Map Register Set DMA Registers
       INT 67,5C  Prepare Expanded Memory for Warm Boot
       INT 67,5D  Enable/Disable OS Functions
       INT 67,60  Get Physical Window Array

       - function number is specified in AH
       - see   EMS STATUS

Esc or Alt-X to exit int 67 Home/PgUp/PgDn/End ←↑↓→
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