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       INT 21,5D - Critical Error Information  (Undocumented, DOS 3.x+)

       See second reference below for more information about this interrupt
       information presented here is incomplete

       AH = 5D
       AL = 00  server function call  (DOS 3.1+)
          = 01  commit all files  (DOS 3.1+)
          = 02  SHARE: close file by name  (DOS 3.1+)
          = 03  SHARE: close all files for given computer  (DOS 3.1+)
          = 04  SHARE: close all files for given process  (DOS 3.1+)
          = 05  SHARE: get open file list entry  (DOS 3.1+)
          = 06  get address of DOS swappable area into DS:SI  (DOS 3.0+)
          = 07  get network redirected printer mode  (DOS 3.1+)
          = 08  set network redirected printer mode  (DOS 3.1+)
          = 09  flush network redirected printer output  (DOS 3.1+)
          = 0A  set extended error information  (DOS 3.1+)
          = 0B  get DOS swappable data areas  (DOS 4.x+)
       DS:DX = pointer to 18 byte DOS Parameter List (DPL, if AL=00)
             = pointer to 9 byte data block of the form (AL=0A):

             Offset Size       Description

               00   word   extended error code to set
               02   dword  pointer to driver address to set
               06   byte   action code to set
               07   byte   class code to set
               08   byte   locus code to set

       on return:
       DS:SI = (if AL was 6) address of critical flag of the form:

             Offset Size      Description

               00   word   extended error code
               02   byte   action code
               03   byte   class code
               04   byte   pointer to driver address

       - function 0 copies 18 bytes from DS:SI to the DOS internal
         register-save area;  this data will be placed in the registers
         when DOS returns to the caller thereby circumventing the DOS
         register save logic
       - may be used by a TSR to prevent accidental changing of an error
         code and causing problems in the foreground process
       - see bibliography references for "Undocumented DOS" and "DOS
         Programmers Reference"

       - see   INT 21,59

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