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               MSC: void _hardresume( int result )
               MSC: void _hardretn( int error )
               MSC: void _harderr( void (far *handler)() )

       - prototype in dos.h

       - result = return value from handler
       - error = number of error

       - _harderr() registers a user critical error handler with it's
         own error handler which is to be called during a critical error

       - handler = new INT 24 handler with the format:
         handler(unsigned deverr,unsigned errcode,unsigned far *devhdr)
         where: deverr = device error code (AX value DOS passes to INT 24)
                errcode = error code (DI value DOS passes to INT 21)
                devhdr = pointer to device header on which error occurred
       - handler must return via one of three methods:
           simple return  returns to DOS error handler
           _hardresume()  returns to DOS error handler
           _hardretn()  returns to the application

       - hardresume() returns one of the following:
         _HARDERR_ABORT  DOS should abort the process via INT 23
         _HARDERR_FAIL   DOS should fail the call (DOS 3.x+)
         _HARDERR_IGNORE DOS should ignore the error
         _HARDERR_RETRY  DOS should retry the operation
       - due to the complexity of these functions consult the vendor
         documentation for more specific details

       - Turbo C uses  hardretn(), harderr() and hardresume()
       - see   INT 24

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