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                       TC: void harderr( int (*fptr)())

       - prototype in dos.h

       - harderr() establishes a hardware error handler for current
         program, invoked wherever interrupt 0x24 occurs
       - function fptr is called when such an interrupt occurs
       - handler function will be called with the following
         arguments= handler( int errval, int ax, int bp, int si)
         where errval is error code in DI register by MS-DOS, and
         ax, bp, si are values MS-DOS has in AX, BP, and SI regs
       - ax indicates if disk or other device error occurs;  if ax is
         not negative, then disk error, else device error.  For disk
         error, ax ANDed with 0x00ff will give bad drive number
       - bp and si together point to device driver header
       - hardresume() may be called with rescode to return
         to MS-DOS, where rescode is

               2 - for abort
               1 - retry
               0 - ignore

       - hardrtn() may be called to return directly to the application
       - handler must return:

                 0 - ignore
                 1 - retry
                 2 - abort

       - handler may issue DOS calls 1 through 0xC, but no others, and
         no C standard I/O or UNIX I/O calls may be used
       - MS C uses _harderr()

       - see  hardresume()  hardretn()  INT 24

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