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                       MSC: int _bios_keybrd( int cmd )

       - prototype in bios.h

       - cmd   = _KEYBRD_READ  return next keystroke w/o echo (INT 16,0)
               = _KEYBRD_READY test if key avail; 0=none  (INT 16,1)
               = _KEYBRD_SHIFTSTATUS  return shift key status (INT 16,2)
               = _NKEYBRD_READ return next keystroke w/o echo (INT 16,10)
               = _NKEYBRD_READY        test if key avail; 0=none  (INT 16,11)
               = _NKEYBRD_SHIFTSTATUS return shift key status (INT 16,12)

       - AND returned value with 0x00FF to get ASCII value
         on AT and newer machines only
       - Turbo C uses bioskey()
       - see  INT 16

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