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                       INT 16 - Keyboard BIOS Services

               For more information, see the following topics:

       INT 16,0   Wait for keystroke and read
       INT 16,1   Get keystroke status
       INT 16,2   Get shift status
       INT 16,3   Set keyboard typematic rate (AT+)
       INT 16,4   Keyboard click adjustment (AT+)
       INT 16,5   Keyboard buffer write  (AT,PS/2 enhanced keyboards)
       INT 16,10  Wait for keystroke and read  (AT,PS/2 enhanced keyboards)
       INT 16,11  Get keystroke status  (AT,PS/2 enhanced keyboards)
       INT 16,12  Get shift status  (AT,PS/2 enhanced keyboards)

       - with IBM BIOS's, INT 16 functions do not restore the flags to
         the pre-interrupt state to allow returning of information via
         the flags register
       - functions 3 through 12h are not available on all AT machines
         unless the extended keyboard BIOS is present
       - all registers are preserved except AX and FLAGS
       - see   SCAN CODES

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