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vncrec - simple VNC session recorder and player

2002-01-16: Version 0.2 is released. This version contains the patch from Rob Abbott to produce image files from recorded session.

vncrec is an enhanced version of vncviewer. It can play and record VNC sessions.

To record VNC session, you'll also need Xvnc which is not included in vncrec distribution. It is known to work against VNC 3.3.3r2 but it should work with any VNC server like the one from RealVNC.


vncrec-0.2.tar.gz   http


To build vncrec, move to vncrec directory and type:

% xmkmf -a
% cd libvncauth; make
% cd ../vncrec; make

You'll find vncrec executable in vncrec directory.

Record and play

To record a session:

% vncrec -record sample.vnc

To play a session:

% vncrec -play sample.vnc

To create images from recorded session (see README for details):

% vncrec -movie sample.vnc

A sample file is available. yoshiki.vnc (72k bytes)

Mailing list

vncrec discussion group at Google Groups

Conversion to other format

Thanks to Tilmann Bitterberg, transcode now has a vncrec based import module. This means you can convert vncrec movies to any format transcode supports. I believe this will address the requests from many people for a need to convert vncrec movies to standard format ones.

He also provides tutorial movie for how to use transcode to convert vncrec movies. Try it and enjoy!



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