stx::CBTreeDB< _Key, _Compare, _BTreePageSize, _AppVersionId >::Writer Member List

This is the complete list of members for stx::CBTreeDB< _Key, _Compare, _BTreePageSize, _AppVersionId >::Writer, including all inherited members.
Add(const key_type &key, const void *data, size_t size)stx::CBTreeDB< _Key, _Compare, _BTreePageSize, _AppVersionId >::Writer [inline]
Add(const key_type &key, const std::string &data)stx::CBTreeDB< _Key, _Compare, _BTreePageSize, _AppVersionId >::Writer [inline]
datamap_type typedefstx::CBTreeDB< _Key, _Compare, _BTreePageSize, _AppVersionId >::Writer [protected]
m_datamapstx::CBTreeDB< _Key, _Compare, _BTreePageSize, _AppVersionId >::Writer [protected]
m_key_lessstx::CBTreeDB< _Key, _Compare, _BTreePageSize, _AppVersionId >::Writer [protected]
m_signaturestrstx::CBTreeDB< _Key, _Compare, _BTreePageSize, _AppVersionId >::Writer [protected]
SetSignature(const char *newsignature)stx::CBTreeDB< _Key, _Compare, _BTreePageSize, _AppVersionId >::Writer [inline]
Size() const stx::CBTreeDB< _Key, _Compare, _BTreePageSize, _AppVersionId >::Writer [inline]
Write(std::ostream &os) const stx::CBTreeDB< _Key, _Compare, _BTreePageSize, _AppVersionId >::Writer [inline]
Writer(const key_compare &key_less=key_compare())stx::CBTreeDB< _Key, _Compare, _BTreePageSize, _AppVersionId >::Writer [inline]
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