HelpPC 2.10 Quick Reference Utility Copyright 1991 David Jurgens

                          BPB - BIOS Parameter Block

    Offset Size            Description

       00   word       sector size in bytes
       02   byte       sectors per cluster (allocation unit size)
       03   word       number of reserved sectors
       05   byte       number of FATs on disk
       06   word       number of root directory entries (directory size)
       08   word       number of total sectors; if partition > 32Mb then set
                       to zero and dword at 15h contains the actual count
       0A   byte       media descriptor byte  (see MEDIA DESCRIPTOR)
       0B   word       sectors per FAT

       Additional/different fields for DOS 3.0+
       0D   word       sectors per track
       0F   word       number of heads
       11   word       number of hidden sectors
       15 11bytes      reserved

       Additional/different fields for DOS 4.0+
       15   dword      number of total sectors if offset 8 is zero
       19  6bytes      reserved
       1F   word       number of cylinders
       21   byte       device type
       22   word       device attributes

       - located in the boot sector at offset 0Bh

       - see   BOOT SECTOR

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