HelpPC 2.10 Quick Reference Utility Copyright 1991 David Jurgens

                 INT 21,11 - Search for First Entry Using FCB

       AH = 11h
       DS:DX = pointer to unopened FCB

       on return:
       AL = 00 if matching file found
          = FF if file not found

       - searches for first occurrence of filename specified in FCB
       - FCB must have drive id, filename, and extension before call
       - extended FCB can be used to specify a search criteria based
         on attributes; hidden, system, label, and directory attributes
         can be used to narrow the search  (see FILE ATTRIBUTES)
       - after successful call DTA holds an unopened FCB/XFCB for
         the requested file.   Using any of the other FCB functions
         destroys this DTA copy of the FCB/XFCB
       - searching can be continued with the FCB find-next function
       - "?" wildcard supported after DOS 2.1, "*" supported in DOS 3.x
       - DOS 2.x can't find . and .. entries, DOS 3.x can (unless in root)
       - see   INT 21,12

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