HelpPC 2.10 Quick Reference Utility Copyright 1991 David Jurgens

              INT 15,C3 - Enable/Disable Watchdog Timer  (PS/2)

       AH = C3
       AL = 0  disable watchdog time-out
          = 1  enable watchdog time-out
       BX = watchdog timer count (1-255)

       on return:
       CF = 0 if successful
          = 1 if error
       AH = when CF set, 80h for PC & PCjr, 86h for XT, AT & Model 30

       - the watchdog timer is available only on PS/2 with 80286 and
         80386 processors.
       - the timer uses channel timer channel 3 and IRQ0.  Activated
         when IRQ0 is active for more than one channel 0 timer cycle,
         which causes the timer to be decremented.   When the watch-
         dog timer reaches 0, and NMI is generated.

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