HelpPC 2.10 Quick Reference Utility Copyright 1991 David Jurgens

             INT 15,4F - Keyboard Intercept  (BIOS date specific)

       AH = 4F
       AL = scan code
       CF = set to 1 (via STC instruction)

       on return

       AH = 80h, CF set  (PC, PCjr)
          = 86h, CF set  (XT BIOS 11/8/82, AT BIOS 1/10/84)
       AL = CF set, new scan code
          = CF clear, original scancode

       - available with XT BIOS after 11/8/82, AT BIOS after 1/10/84
       - called by INT 9, makes allowance for keyboard translation
       - normally returns the scan code in AL, with CF set
       - if function returns with CF clear, INT 9 ignores keystroke
       - do not rely on this function being called for each INT 9 since
         any user INT 9 handler can exit prematurely and circumvent
         this function

Esc or Alt-X to exit int 15,4f Home/PgUp/PgDn/End ←↑↓→
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