HelpPC 2.10 Quick Reference Utility Copyright 1991 David Jurgens

                            INT 13,1 - Disk Status

       AH = 01

       on return:
       AL = status:

       Status in AL

          00  no error
          01  bad command passed to driver
          02  address mark not found or bad sector
          03  diskette write protect error
          04  sector not found
          05  fixed disk reset failed
          06  diskette changed or removed
          07  bad fixed disk parameter table
          08  DMA overrun
          09  DMA access across 64k boundary
          0A  bad fixed disk sector flag
          0B  bad fixed disk cylinder
          0C  unsupported track/invalid media
          0D  invalid number of sectors on fixed disk format
          0E  fixed disk controlled data address mark detected
          0F  fixed disk DMA arbitration level out of range
          10  ECC/CRC error on disk read
          11  recoverable fixed disk data error, data fixed by ECC
          20  controller error (NEC for floppies)
          40  seek failure
          80  time out, drive not ready
          AA  fixed disk drive not ready
          BB  fixed disk undefined error
          CC  fixed disk write fault on selected drive
          E0  fixed disk status error/Error reg = 0
          FF  sense operation failed

       - codes represent controller status after last disk operation
       - returns the status byte located at 40:41 in the BIOS Data Area

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