HelpPC 2.10 Quick Reference Utility Copyright 1991 David Jurgens

                Hewlett Packard Laserjet Printer Control Codes

       Printer Control and Orientation
       ESC E           Reset printer
       ESC z           Self Test
       ESC &l0O        Portrait orientation
       ESC &l1O        Landscape orientation
       ESC (s0P        Select fixed space font
       ESC (s1P        Select proportional font
       ESC (s0S        Set upright character orientation
       ESC (s1S        Set Italic character orientation
       ESC &l#X        Select '#' number of copies
       ESC &l0H        Eject page
       ESC &l1H        Feed paper from tray
       ESC &l2H        Feed paper manually
       ESC &l3H        Feed envelope
       ESC &l0T        Default stacking position
       ESC &l1T        Togglestacking position

       8 Bit Symbol Set Selection
       ESC (8U         Select Roman 8 symbol set
       ESC (8K         Select Kana 8 symbol set
       ESC (8M         Select Math 8 symbol set

       7 Bit Symbol Set Selection
       ESC (0U         Select USASCII symbol set
       ESC (0B         Select Line Draw symbol set
       ESC (0A         Select Math symbol set
       ESC (0M         Select Math 7 symbol set
       ESC (0Q         Select Math 8a symbol set
       ESC (1Q         Select Math 8b symbol set
       ESC (1U         Select US Legal symbol set
       ESC (0E         Select Roman Extension symbol set
       ESC (0D         Select ISO Denmark/Norway symbol set
       ESC (1E         Select ISO United Kingdom symbol set
       ESC (0F         Select ISO France symbol set
       ESC (0G         Select ISO German symbol set
       ESC (0I         Select ISO Italy symbol set
       ESC (0S         Select ISO Sweden/Finland symbol set
       ESC (1S         Select ISO Spain symbol set
       ESC (15U        Select PiFont symbol set
       ESC (2Q         Select PiFonta symbol set

       Font Management
       ESC (s3T         Select Courier font
       ESC (s0T         Select Line Printer font
       ESC (s1T         Select Pica font
       ESC (s2T         Select Elite font
       ESC (s4T         Select Helvetica font
       ESC (s5T         Select Times Roman (TMS RMN) font
       ESC (s6T         Select Gothic font
       ESC (s7T         Select Script font
       ESC (s8T         Select Prestige font
       ESC *c#D         Specify font ID '#'
       ESC *c#E         Specify character code '#'
       ESC *c0F         Delete all fonts, including permanent
       ESC *c1F         Delete all temporary fonts
       ESC *c2F         Delete last font ID specified
       ESC *c3F         Delete last character code and font ID specified
       ESC *c4F         Make last font ID temporary
       ESC *c5F         Make last font ID permanent
       ESC *c6F         Copy or assign last font ID specified
       ESC *c7F         Reestablish ROM
       ESC *c8F         Set primary font
       ESC *c9F         Set secondary font
       ESC *c10F        Set primary and secondary font default
       ESC )s#W <data>  Create font header
       ESC (s#W <data>  Download character
       ESC (#X <data>   Designate downloaded font as primary
       ESC )#X <data>   Designate downloaded font as secondary
       ESC (#@          Primary font default (see printer manual)
       ESC )#@          Secondary font default(see printer manual)

       Pitch and Point Selection
       ESC (s10H       Set 10 pitch
       ESC (s12H       Set 12 pitch
       ESC (s16.6H     Set 16.66 pitch

       ESC (s7V        Set point size to 7
       ESC (s8V        Set point size to 8
       ESC (s8.5V      Set point size to 8.5
       ESC (s10V       Set point size to 10
       ESC (s12V       Set point size to 12
       ESC (s14.4V     Set point size to 14.4

       Page Dimensions
       ESC &l#P        Set page length to '#' lines
       ESC &l#E        Set top margin to '#' lines
       ESC &l#F        Set text length to '#' lines
       ESC 9           Clear margins
       ESC &a#L        Set left margin to column '#'
       ESC &a#M        Set right margin to column '#'
       ESC &l#C        Set vertical motion index to '#' 1/48" increments
       ESC &l#D        Set lines per inch to '#', valid values are:
                       1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16 or 24
       ESC &k#H        Set horizontal motion index where # is derived
                       using   # = (120.0 / cpi)     (1/10 precision)

       Cursor Positioning
       ESC &a#R        Move to row '#'
       ESC &a#C        Move to col '#'
       ESC &a#H        Move to horizontal position '#' in decipoints
       ESC &a#V        Move to vertical position '#' in decipoints
       ESC *p#X        Move to horizontal position '#' in dots
       ESC *p#Y        Move to vertical position '#' in dots
       ESC &f0S        Push cursor position
       ESC &f1         Pop cursor position

       Raster Graphics
       ESC *t75R         Select 75 dots per inch graphics mode
       ESC *t100R        Select 100 dots per inch graphics mode
       ESC *t150R        Select 150 dots per inch graphics mode
       ESC *t300R        Select 300 dots per inch graphics mode
       ESC *r0A          Start graphics at left most position
       ESC *r1A          Start graphics at current cursor
       ESC *b#W <data>   Transfer '#' byte raster image as stream "<data>"
       ESC *rB           End graphics

       Advanced Graphics
       ESC *c#A          Set horizontal rule/pattern size in dots
       ESC *c#H          Set horizontal rule/pattern size in decipoints
       ESC *c#B          Set vertical rule/pattern size in dots
       ESC *c#V          Set vertical rule/pattern size in decipoints
       ESC *c0P          Select black rule
       ESC *c2P          Select gray scale pattern
       ESC *c3P          Select HP-Defined pattern
       ESC *c#G          Set grey scale pattern, where # is a value between
                         [0..6] for HP defined patterns and [0..100] to
                         specify percentage gray scaling.  The mode depends
                         on the rule/pattern selected using ESC *c?P
       ESC *c1G          Vertical lines pattern
       ESC *c2G          Horizontal lines pattern
       ESC *c3G          Diagonal lines pattern (upward left to right)
       ESC *c4G          Diagonal lines pattern (downward left to right)
       ESC *c5G          Horizontal/vertical grid lines pattern
       ESC *c6G          Diagonal grid pattern
       ESC *c#G          Set gray scaling to '#' percent

       Macro commands
       ESC &f#Y          Identify macro as ID "#'
       ESC &f0X          Start macro definition
       ESC &f1X          Stop macro definition
       ESC &f2X          Execute macro
       ESC &f3X          Call macro
       ESC &f4X          Enable auto macro overlay
       ESC &f5X          Disable auto macro overlay
       ESC &f6X          Delete all macros
       ESC &f7X          Delete all temporary macros
       ESC &f8X          Delete macro ID
       ESC &f9X          Make macro temporary
       ESC &f10X         Make macro permanent

       ESC (s#B          Set stroke weight '#'=(7..-7), 7=bold, -7=light
       ESC &dD           Set underline on
       ESC &d@           Set underline off
       ESC =             Half line feed
       ESC Y             Turn display functions mode on
       ESC Z             Turn display functions mode off (default)
       ESC &p#X <data>   Disable command interpretation for the '#' bytes
                         following this command
       ESC &l0L          Disable perforation skip
       ESC &l1L          Enable perforation skip
       ESC &k0G          Set line terminators to CR=CR, LF=LF, FF=FF
       ESC &k1G          Set line terminators to CR=CR+LF, LF=LF, FF=FF
       ESC &k2G          Set line terminators to CR=CR, LF=CR+LF, FF=CR+FF
       ESC &k3G          Set line terminators to CR=CR+LF, LF=CR+LF, FF=CR+FF
       ESC &s0C          Enable end of line wrap
       ESC &s1C          Disable end of line wrap

       Escape sequence combination rules:
        1. The first 2 characters following the ESC must be the same.
        2. The final character in any sequence other than the last must be
           changed to lower case.
        3. The last character in the complete sequence must be changed to
           upper case.
        4. Escape sequences must be specified in the order in which they
           should be performed.

       - the space following ESC is not included in the string

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