HelpPC 2.10 Quick Reference Utility Copyright 1991 David Jurgens

            FILE *fopen( const char *filename, const char *type )

       - prototype in stdio.h

       - type is a combination of the following:
               Mode       Description
               "r"     read text/binary
               "w"     write text/binary
               "a"     append text/binary
               "+"     allow update access
               "t"     text file
               "b"     binary file

               Read    Write   Append
               "rt"    "wt"    "at"    (text)
               "rb"    "wb"    "ab"    (binary)
               "r+"    "w+"    "a+"    (update)
               "r+t"   "w+t"   "a+t"   (update text)
               "r+b"   "w+b"   "a+b"   (update binary)

       read   - read only (unless "r+")
       write  - create
       append - seek to end of file or create file

       - text mode input, will have CRs discarded
       - using any of the stdio functions results in a default allocation
         of 512 bytes for the I/O buffer and the inclusion of the standard
         memory allocation functions
       - returns stream or NULL on error

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