HelpPC 2.10 Quick Reference Utility Copyright 1991 David Jurgens

                              Exec Function Call

       int execl(pathname,arg0,arg1,arg2,...,argN,NULL )
       int execle(pathname,arg0,arg1,arg2,...,argN,NULL,envp )
       int execlp(pathname,arg0,arg1,arg2,...,argN,NULL )
       int execlpe(pathname,arg0,arg1,arg2,....,argN,NULL,envp )
           char *pathname,*arg0,*arg1,*arg2,....,*argN,*envp[];

       int execv(pathname,arg,NULL )
       int execve(pathname,arg,NULL,envp )
       int execvp(pathname,arg,NULL )
       int execvpe(pathname,arg,NULL,envp )
           char *pathname,*arg[],*envp[];

       - prototype in process.h

       - loads and runs child processes
       - pathname search based on MS-DOS search algorithm
         o if no extension or period - search for exact file name -
           if not found, add .exe and search again
         o if extension given, search only for exact file name
         o if period given, search for file name with no extension

       - arg0 can be the same as the pathname
       - at least one argument must be passed
       - combined argument list cannot exceed 128 bytes
       - execl..: arg0, arg1,...,argN passed as SEPARATE arguments
       - execv..: arg[0], arg[1],...,arg[N] passed as argument ARRAY
       - execlp, execlpe, execvp, execvpe: search for child in PATH
       - returns no value if OK,
         returns -1, with  errno set to:

               E2BIG  (too many args)
               EACCES (permission denied)
               EMFILE (too many open files)
               ENOENT (path or file not found)
               ENOEXEC (exec format error)
               ENOMEM (not enough memory).

       - if successful, there is no return to the caller; the
         caller is killed off

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