HelpPC 2.10 Quick Reference Utility Copyright 1991 David Jurgens

                            clock_t clock( void )

       - prototype in time.h

       - returns elapsed processor time used by the calling process,
         or -1L on error
       - C startup code retrieves the clock count as preparation for a
         later call to clock()  (Turbo C++ and some versions of MS C)
       - resolution is limited to 54ms for both MS C and Turbo C due
         to the dependency on INT 8 clock tics
       - CLK_TCK is shouldn't be used unless CLOCKS_PER_SEC isn't available
         since the latter is defined by ANSI.
       - MS C uses INT 21,2C to get the processor time with 1000 as the
         value of CLK_TCK
       - Turbo C uses INT 1A,2 to get the processor time with 18 as the
         value of CLK_TCK

       - Example usage:

         clock_t start, finish, duration;
         start = clock();
         finish = clock();
         duration = finish - start;
         printf("%ld - %ld = %ld tics\n", start, finish, duration);

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