HelpPC 2.10 Quick Reference Utility Copyright 1991 David Jurgens

       MSC: void _putimage(short x, short y, char huge *image, short action)

       MSC: void far _putimage_w( double wx, double wy,
                                  char huge *image, short action )

       - prototype in graph.h

       - restores previously saved screen image to screen
       - (x, y) upper left corner of image
       - image = buffer containing previously saved image
       - action = defines interaction between current screen buffer and
                  the data stored in "image"
                = _GAND        AND image with current screen
                = _GOR         OR image with current screen
                = _GPRESET     overwrite current screen with inverse of image
                = _GPSET       overwrite current screen with exact image
                = _GXOR        XOR's image to current screen

       - Turbo C uses putimage()
       - see   _getimage()   _imagesize()

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