HelpPC 2.10 Quick Reference Utility Copyright 1991 David Jurgens

                      Microsoft C Compiler Fatal Errors

       C1000   unknown fatal error; contact Microsoft
       C1001   internal compiler error; contact Microsoft
       C1002   compiler out of heap space in C2.EXE
       C1003   error count exceeded; stopping compilation
       C1004   unexpected end-of-file found; disk full or unmatched #if
       C1005   string too big for buffer
       C1006   compiler intermediate file create/write error
       C1007   invalid option on compiler command line
       C1008   no source file specified
       C1009   macros nested too deeply
       C1010   macro expansion exceeded available space
       C1011   macro definition too large
       C1012   unmatched parenthesis in preprocessor directive
       C1014   nesting of #include's exceed 10-level nesting limit
       C1016   #ifdef & #ifndef directives expect an identifier
       C1018   unexpected #elif;  #elif without #if directive
       C1019   unexpected #else;  #else without #if directive
       C1020   unexpected #endif;  #endif without #if directive
       C1021   invalid preprocessor command
       C1022   expected #endif;  #if directive not terminated by #endif
       C1023   can't open specified source file
       C1024   can't open specified include file
       C1026   parser stack overflow; module too complex
       C1027   DGROUP default data allocation exceeds 64K
       C1028   modules far data segment allocation exceeds 64K (QC)
       C1031   function calls nested too deeply
       C1032   can't open object listing file
       C1033   can't open assembly language output file
       C1035   expression too complex; must be simplified
       C1036   can't open source listing file
       C1037   can't open object file
       C1039   unrecoverable heap overflow in Pass 3 (post-optimizer)
       C1040   unexpected EOF in source file; file disappeared
       C1041   can't open intermediate file; no free file handles
       C1042   can't open intermediate file; invalid TMP environment var
       C1043   can't open intermediate file; unknown error
       C1044   no disk space available for intermediate file
       C1047   compiler option was specified too many times
       C1048   unknown option specified
       C1049   invalid numerical argument
       C1050   code segment too large; within 36 bytes of 64K
       C1052   #if/#ifdef nested too deeply;  max of 32 levels
       C1053   struct/union nested too deeply; max of 15
       C1054   initializers nested too deeply; max from 10 to 15 levels
       C1055   out of keys; file has too many symbols
       C1056   out of macro expansion space; macro to large/complex
       C1057   unexpected EOF in macro expansion or missing ')'
       C1059   compiler has run out of near heap space
       C1060   compiler has run out of far heap space
       C1062   error writing preprocessor output file for /P option
       C1063   compiler stack overflow; module too complex
       C1064   identifier too long causing token to overflow internal buffer
       C1068   can't open file specified file
       C1069   file write error on specified file; disk space low
       C1070   mismatched #if/#endif pair; missing #endif
       C1071   unexpected EOF found in comment; missing end of comment
       C1072   can't read indicated file
       C1090   data allocation exceeds 64K on _based allocation
       C1015   can't open include file (check name, searchpath and FILES=)
       C1126   automatic allocation (local variable) exceeds size
       C1127   segment redefinition; overwritten by specified segment

                     Microsoft C Compiler Nonfatal Errors

       C2015   too many characters in constant; escape sequence too large
       C2016   missing closing single quotation mark on code line
       C2017   illegal escape sequence; occurred outside of string
       C2018   unknown character found in source file
       C2019   expected preprocessor directive; # followed by non-directive
       C2021   expected exponent value but found non-numeric character
       C2022   octal value following '\' is too large for a single character
       C2025   given identifier redefines enum, struct or union tag
       C2026   given identifier already used as enum constant
       C2027   given identifier refers to undefined enum, struct or union
       C2028   struct/union member needs to be inside a struct/union
       C2030   identifier used more than once in struct or union tag
       C2031   function can't be use as struct or union member
       C2033   bit field can't be declared as a pointer or use indirection
       C2034   type of host bit field is too small for number of bits
       C2035   given structure or union has undefined size
       C2037   undefined struct or union identifier on left of -> or .
       C2038   identifier is not a struct or union member
       C2055   expected formal-parameter list instead of argument-type list
       C2056   illegal expression; possibly from previous unreported problem
       C2057   expected constant expression
       C2058   expected integral constant expression
       C2059   invalid token caused a syntax error
       C2060   syntax error; EOF found before expected token
       C2061   identifier caused syntax error
       C2062   unexpected type
       C2063   identifier is not a function but used as such
       C2064   term does not evaluate to a function pointer
       C2065   identifier not defined
       C2066   illegal cast to function type
       C2067   illegal cast to array type
       C2068   illegal cast type used in expression
       C2069   cast of void term to non-void is invalid
       C2070   illegal sizeof operand; must be expression or type name
       C2071   illegal storage class for identifier
       C2072   attempt to initialize a function identifier
       C2092   arrays of functions illegal; use array of ptrs to function
       C2093   can't use address of auto variable as static initializer
       C2094   label was undefined in function
       C2095   void argument cannot be passed to function; (void *) may
       C2096   struct & union comparison is illegal; compare members
       C2097   illegal initialization
       C2098   expected address as initialization expression
       C2099   non-constant initializer
       C2100   illegal indirection; * applied to a non-pointer value
       C2101   address of operator '&' used on constant; requires lvalue
       C2102   address of operator '&' requires lvalue
       C2103   address of operator '&' can't be used on a register variable
       C2104   address of operator '&' used on bit field not allowed
       C2105   operator needs lvalue
       C2106   left side of an operation must be lvalue
       C2107   subscript applied to expression didn't evaluate to pointer
       C2108   non-integral expression used as array subscript
       C2109   subscript used on non-array variable
       C2127   allocation for function parameters exceeds 32K
       C2128   array crosses 2 segments & element size not power of 2
       C2129   static function referenced was never defined
       C2130   #line expected string containing file name; found other
       C2131   more than one memory attribute applied to and identifier
       C2132   syntax error : unexpected identifier
       C2133   attempt to declare an unsized array as a local variable
       C2134   struct or union too large; exceeded 64k
       C2136   prototype must have a valid type for each variable
       C2137   use of empty character constant '' is illegal
       C2139   more than one type used in a variable declaration
       C2140   argument can't be a function
       C2141   enum constant value out of int range
       C2143   expected 'token1' before 'token2' or missing ')', '}' or ';'
       C2144   expected 'token' before 'type' or missing ')', '}' or ';'
       C2145   expected 'token' before identifier or declaration missing ';'
       C2146   expected 'token' before identifier
       C2147   increment of index or array pointer with unknown base type
       C2162   token following stringizing operator # isn't formal parameter
       C2163   function in pragma not available as intrinsic function
       C2164   intrinsic function not declared before use wit /Oi option
       C2165   _pascal, _cdecl, _???? keywords can't modify pointers to data
       C2166   attempt to modify item declared as const; lvalue is constant
       C2167   too many parameters in call to an intrinsic function
       C2168   too few parameters in call to an intrinsic function
       C2169   function definition for function already declared intrinsic
       C2170   intrinsic pragma used for function without intrinsic form
       C2171   unary operator used on illegal operand type
       C2172   non-pointer argument passed to a function expecting pointer
       C2173   non-pointer argument passed to a function expecting pointer
       C2174   cant pass parameter with void type to function
       C2176   static huge data not supported by /qc; use halloc()
       C2177   constant too large for data type
       C2178   storage class for same_seg pragma variables must be extern
       C2179   same_seg pragma variable class has changed from extern
       C2207   middle member of struct/union has zero-sized array
       C2208   enum, struct or union defined w/o members using /Za option
       C2209   type cast used in _based construct must be (_segment)
       C2210   base in _based declarator must be near/far data pointer
       C2211   item cast in _based declarator can't be a function
       C2212   _based not available for functions or pointers to functions
       C2213   symbol used as base must be type _segment, near far pointer
       C2214   _based pointer based on void can't be de-referenced; use :>
       C2215   :> operator only for objects based on void
       C2216   given function attributes are incompatible
       C2217   function attribute requires another attributes also
       C2218   type in _based construct must be void
       C2219   const/volatile appeared where type or qualifier not allowed
       C2220   no object file generated; warning treated as error due to /WX
       C2221   left operand of '.' is pointer to struct/union, must use '->'
       C2222   left operand of '->' is struct or union, must use '.'
       C2223   left operand of '->' must be pointer struct or union
       C2411   identifier is not a member of the specified struct or union
       C2412   identifier redefined within current function
       C2413   alignment size used with ALIGN directive missing or invalid
       C2414   illegal number of operands in assembly code; see /G1 & /G2
       C2415   improper operand type
       C2416   illegal opcode for processor in assembly code; see /G1 & /G2
       C2417   divisor used within the given context is zero
       C2418   in-line asm identifier referenced as register and isn't
       C2419   divisor argument to mod is zero in given context
       C2420   given identifier is illegal in this context
       C2421   PTR must not be used with register operand in this context
       C2422   illegal segment override used in given context
       C2424   given token used to form improper expression in this context
       C2425   token used fto form non-constant expression in this context
       C2426   given token is illegal operator in this context
       C2427   jump referencing label is out of range
       C2429   FAR PTR can't be use on jmp or call to label

                       Microsoft C Command-Line Errors

       D2000   unknown CL command line error; contact Microsoft
       D2001   too many symbols predefined with /D; max is 30
       D2002   memory-model specification conflict; only 1 allowed
       D2003   missing source file name for CL command
       D2008   option specified too many times
       D2011   more than one /FP option specified; only 1 allowed
       D2012   too many linker flags in command; max of 128 flags/files
       D2013   incomplete model specification in /A:
       D2018   can't open linker response file
       D2019   can't overwrite source with object file; output = input
       D2020   /Gc requires extended keywords be enabled via /Ze
       D2021   invalid numerical argument; numeric args must be < 65534
       D2022   can't open help file for /HELP
       D2027   CL could not execute one of the compiler components
       D2028   too many open files; can't dup/redirect specified stream
       D2030   internal compiler component error; contact Microsoft
       D2031   too many flags/files in command; max of 128 arguments to CL

                       Microsoft C Command-Line Warning

       D4000   unknown command line warning in CL; contact Microsoft
       D4001   listing overrides assembly output; /Fc and /Fa used together
       D4002   unknown flag ignored by CL command
       D4003   multiple processors selected for code generation
       D4005   CL could not locate compiler component
       D4007   /C must be used in conjunction with /P or /E or /EP
       D4009   threshold valid for far/huge data models only; /Gt ignored
       D4011   preprocessor listing specified; source listing not generated
       D4012   function prototyping specified; source listing not generated
       D4013   combined listing /Fc overrides object listing /Fl
       D4014   invalid value for option; default value used
       D4018   .DEF files supported in OS/2 only (/Lr /Lc)
       D4019   string too long for /ND, /NT, /NM, /St, /Ss option of CL

                   Microsoft Link Errors (incomplete list)

       L2002   fixup overflow (probably incompatible memory models .OBJs)

                    Microsoft C Floating-Point Math Errors

       M6101   invalid operation occurred; usually NAN or infinity problem
       M6102   denormal; significance loss with very small generated number
       M6103   attempt to divide by zero in floating-point operation
       M6104   overflow in floating-point operation
       M6105   underflow occurred in floating-point operation
       M6106   inexact; loss of precision occurred in FP operation
       M6107   unemulated/unsupported 8087/287/387 instruction executed
       M6108   square root operand somehow became negative; C won't allow
       M6110   coprocessor or emulator stack overflow
       M6111   stack underflow due to unretrieved double return values

                         Microsoft C Run-Time Errors

       R6000   stack overflow; stack needs enlarged or problem program
       R6001   null pointer assignment, NULL segment modified
       R6002   floating-point support not linked into executable
       R6005   not enough memory to load child process (EXEC)
       R6006   target executable is not a valid executable (EXEC)
       R6007   invalid environment on exec of child process (EXEC)
       R6008   not enough space for argument vector after program loads
       R6009   not enough space for environment after program loads
       R6010   abnormal program termination
       R6012   illegal null near-pointer use
       R6013   illegal out of range far-pointer use
       R6016   not enough space for thread data
       R6017   unexpected multithread lock error

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