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                   Microsoft Assembler Command Line Options

        MASM [options] srcfile[,[objfile][,[lstfile][,[xreffile]]]][;]

       Options                 Definition
       /A              generate segments in alphabetical order
       /B[size]        sets I/O buffer size in K bytes (1..63, default 32)
       /C              generate cross reference file with .CRF extension
       /D              generate PASS 1 listing
       /Dsym[=val]     define symbol for use during assembly
       /E              emulate floating point instructions (for use with HLL)
       /H              list options and command syntax
       /Ipath          include-file search path
       /L              generate listing file with .LST extension
       /ML             case sensitive for all symbols
       /MU             upper case all symbols (default)
       /MX             case sensitive in external and public symbols
       /N              suppress symbol tables in listings
       /P              check for impure code in 286 and 386 protected
                       mode (invalid CS overrides)
       /S              generate segments in the order they are found (default)
       /T              terse message display; display errors only
       /V              verbose message display; includes # lines and symbols
       /W{0|1|2}       assembly warning level
                           0 = no warnings
                           1 = severe warnings only
                           2 = all warnings enabled
       /X              display complete conditional assembly blocks in
                       listing including false conditionals
       /Z              display errors including line numbers to screen
       /ZD             generate line numbers in .OBJ files
       /ZI             generate both symbolic and line number information in
                       .OBJ files

       Environment Variables

       INCLUDE         search path for include files
       MASM            default command line options

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