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                      ENTER - Make Stack Frame  (80188+)

       Usage:  ENTER   locals,level
       Modifies flags: None

       Modifies stack for entry to procedure for high level language.
       Operand "locals" specifies the amount of storage to be allocated
       on the stack.   "Level" specifies the nesting level of the routine.
       Paired with the LEAVE instruction, this is an efficient method of
       entry and exit to procedures.

                                    Clocks                     Size
       Operands         808x    286       386       486        Bytes

       immed16,0         -       11       10         14          4
       immed16,1         -       15       12         17          4
       immed16,immed8    -   12+4(n-1) 15+4(n-1)    17+3n        4

       - see Instruction Timing

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