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			       --- CryptoTE ---


CryptoTE is a text editor with integrated strong cryptography. It is based on
the popular Scintilla widget and automatically stores text data in secure
encrypted container files. Compared to other "password keeper" programs,
CryptoTE does not force any structure upon your data: it works with plain ascii
text and does not require you to fill in grids, key-value attributes,
descriptions etc.

Key Features

  * User-friendly Scintilla text editing widget, the same as used by Notepad++.

  * Edits secure container files holding multiple text or binary files.

  * Highly-secure Serpent (256 keybits) encryption of sensitive data.

  * Automatic compression using zlib or bzip2 to reduce container size.

  * Fast user-interface: Quick-Find and Quick-Goto bars like Firefox's find. I
    use the program myself almost every day.

  * Auto-Close the container after a user-defined period of inactivity.

  * Built-in password generator to insert new passwords in the text.

  * Sleek wxAui tabbed interface from the newest wxWidgets version.

  * Modularized and well-tested container processing library.

  * Translated into German (volunteers for more languages wanted).

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